Airline passengers removed to make way for extra fuel

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Two Virgin Blue passengers were escorted off an airplane at the Melbourne airport in Australia after they refused to be bumped, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

Due to bad weather, the pilot asked for two volunteers to leave the flight bound for Bali so that the plane could take on extra fuel. When nobody volunteered, the cabin crew asked the last two passengers who boarded the plane to disembark.

When they refused, police were called in to usher them from the plane.

"They had taken care to book their flights, they were ready to go to Bali and then they were told they couldn't," a witness told the Sunday Herald Sun.

The incident occurred April 21 at the start of the Easter holiday.

Virgin Blue spokeswoman Melissa Thomson called the incident "totally regrettable" but said the extra fuel was needed to fly through the poor weather.

The incident preceded a chaotic weekend at the airport in which a computer glitch stranded hundreds of passengers without their luggage.