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Canadian Poker Tour Announces New Television Deal for Upcoming Season

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

CALGARY, Alberta, April 28, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. (Pink Sheets:HDUP) operators of the Canadian Poker Tour, Canadian Poker Player Magazine and the Canadian Poker Player Television Network are pleased to announce that they will be producing television programming from a number of their major events across the country for the new season beginning later this year.  

A new production plan and format has been adopted by the company to air a series of 30 minute event profile documentaries. A major gap in programming has developed over the past 3 weeks as indictments of the major online poker companies producing poker programming from the US and distributing it in the Canadian and International markets has been cancelled. The Canadian Poker Tour has recruited a new management team dedicated to increasing event exposure, developing new marketing channels and pursuing sponsorship revenues that will meet the shifting demand of the new poker marketplace.

Application has been made to the government regulators in Alberta and other jurisdictions to approve the new television concept that will bring world wide exposure to CPT major events which are key revenues centers for the company. These proprietary events are being expanded in other provinces and the upcoming season is set to air 6 productions which aim to attract players from around the world.

The production of additional content also supports the company's plan to launch a closed circuit poker television network in poker rooms and casinos throughout its affiliated casino base as well as applying to the CRTC for a digital specialty cable license to launch its own mainstream cable network.

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