Exiqon Launches Customizable Pick-&-Mix microRNA qPCR Arrays

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VEDBAEK, Denmark, May 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exiqon A/S (Copenhagen:EXQ), a leading supplier of high-value gene expression analysis products, today launched its highly flexible Pick & Mix microRNA PCR Panels for sensitive and specific quantification of custom selected microRNAs in both 96 and 384 well array formats.

In brief, the Pick & Mix microRNA Panel system allows the customers to design a qPCR array based on pre-validated LNATM enhanced microRNA PCR primers via an on-line array configuration tool. In simple intuitive steps the array configuration tool guides customers through selections including choice of format; 96-well or 384-well plate format, array layout, target organism, microRNA assays, controls and real-time PCR instrument of choice. The customized qPCR arrays are delivered as Ready-to-use.

"With our user-friendly on-line design tool, the Pick & Mix product offers an easy and very flexible solution for design of custom arrays with microRNA qPCR assays," said Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dr. Henrik M. Pfundheller and added: "This is our first launch of a 96-well based microRNA qPCR product. The new product targets an installed base of more than 50.000 96-well based real-time PCR instruments and we are now targeting the fastest growing segment within real-time PCR."

The new Pick & Mix product is based on Exiqon's proprietary LNATM technology that allows for unprecedented specificity and sensitivity. The new product extends Exiqon's current miRCURY LNATM Universal RT microRNA PCR product offering which already includes more than 1,500 pre-validated assays for microRNA analysis and allows for on-line design of new assays. Reliable microRNA profiling may be achieved with only 1 pg of total RNA without need for pre-amplification and may be performed on challenging samples such plasma, including plasma from mouse and rat where only very little sample material can be obtained. Another benefit of the assay system is the universal RT step which secures a minimum of bias in the generation of cDNA.

Exiqon's product line for microRNA qPCR also includes Ready-to-use panels for genome-wide screening of human, mouse and rat microRNAs as well as RT and Master Mix kits and qPCR data analysis software.

Information about the miRCURY LNATM microRNA qPCR products is available at Exiqon's website: http://www.exiqon.com/qPCR.

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