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Prom ban prompts upset calls to Shelton High School

A student in Shelton, Conn., was banned from prom after coming up with a creative way to ask a girl out. But people in Western Washington thought it happened in Shelton, Wash. and called the school here.
/ Source: KING5

A case of cross-country mistaken identity involving a student's creative way to ask a girl to prom caused some upset people to light up the phones at Shelton High School in Shelton, Wash.

It turns out it was the wrong Shelton High School.

James Tate, an advanced placement scholar at Shelton High School in Shelton, Conn., wanted to ask Sonali Rodrigues to prom. Tate and some friends took hand-cut letters and taped them to the school in a message that read "Sonali Rodrigues, will you go to prom with me? HMU (Hit me up) - Tate,"

Rodrigues said yes. But the couple won't be going to prom because the school suspended Tate and banned him from the event. Tate said the schoolmaster told him what he did was trespassing and a safety risk.

People in Western Washington saw the story and called the high school in Shelton, Wash, in support of Tate, unaware that his school was actually 3,000 miles away.

Word of Tate's suspension for love has generated support for him on Twitter and a Facebook page that now has over 124,000 likes.

Despite the publicity, Headmaster Beth Smith said Thursday that Tate's punishment will stand. Smith said it's due to a well-publicized policy outlining consequences for anyone getting into trouble at school after April 1.

Smith said this "unfortunate situation is a result of one of those consequences."