Exmovere Taking Orders for Biosensor Baby Pajama Evaluation Kits

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MCLEAN, Va., May 23, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exmovere Holdings, Inc., a biomedical engineering company, today announced plans to market and sell evaluation kits for its Exmobaby products and infant pajamas. The kits will be available for sale only to interested companies, partners and potential distributors, not to consumers at this time. The purpose of the kits is to provide a complete Exmobaby product – a washable, conductive fabric-based, wireless biosensor pajama for infants – for evaluation by marketing partners of the technology prior to the retail launch of the product. Additional information on Exmobaby and the evaluation kit order page can be found on the company's website at .

According to David Bychkov, CEO of Exmovere Holdings Inc., "We are excited to begin offering Exmobaby evaluation kits for sale. Companies, distributors and potential partners active in infant and baby medical, healthcare and retail markets now have an opportunity to participate in our leading-edge applications. We invite all interested groups to seriously consider purchasing an evaluation kit and help bring the benefits of Exmobaby to parents and caregivers around the world."

Exmovere is offering two types of evaluation kits for sale. The deluxe Exmobaby kit, priced at $2500, has been specifically produced for enterprise-level testing and technology users. This kit contains the complete line of of Exmobaby biosensor infant wear in each of four sizes for months 0-12. The standard evaluation kit, priced at $1000, has been designed for potential buyers and company partners who just want to see what the product offers. This kit contains one complete set of product samples. Both the deluxe and basic kits contain any and all needed software and wireless transceivers that are part of the Exmobaby product line. Through sales of evaluation kits, Exmovere is actively seeking retail chains, wireless carriers, partners and distributors interested in promoting the product in international healthcare markets for infant care. 

Bob Kinssies, on the company's Board of Directors, also commented that "Exmobaby is one of those truly innovative products that come along once in a lifetime. As we build out the supply chain and distribution networks for the product's launch later this year, we expect to rely on customers who have tested and evaluated the product via the new evaluation kits. Significant partners and relationships will be developed from these early purchases."

Target audiences for the retail launch later this year include new parents, grandparents, hospitals, daycare centers and other caregivers that want to continuously monitor a baby's conditions. The scope of product sales for Exmobaby, once it becomes commercially available, is expected to include Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Exmobaby product is designed to constantly monitor and report a baby's vital signs and condition through conductive biosensor fabric pajamas, automatically sending alerts to parents and caregivers when their attention is needed. 

According to Robert Doornick, President and Founder of International Robotics, Inc. and an Exmovere Director, "The Exmobaby products represent significant advances in the use of biosensor technology to address the way people live their lives. We're all familiar with what science fiction says technologies like these can do, but now we have proof that creative, innovative solutions can be brought to reality. We believe the opportunity to be involved in Exmobaby evaluation and market launch will be a game-changer for infant healthcare."

One of the primary concerns of all parents, but especially first-time parents is baby's health and well-being. With traditional monitors – speakers or video – the parents, grandparents or other caregivers have to always be on guard. These types of products only provide effective coverage when someone is actively paying attention to the monitor. With Exmobaby and the smart-garment technology included in the onesy-style pajama, no human intervention is required for monitoring and reporting. The product has been designed and engineered to automatically send intrusive alerts to a variety of devices like computers and cell phones when baby needs attention. The evaluation kits now for sale provide an opportunity to test the set-up and use of Exmobaby to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new solution compared to any other monitor on the market today. No other product potentially offers the same level of peace of mind to new parents and caregivers.

Dr. Jun Quion, Exmovere's Interim Chief Medical Officer states, "Exmobaby pajamas provide the first real opportunity to relieve some of the burden first-time parents, grandparents and hospital caregivers feel. We believe that any hospital or pediatric group interested in purchasing an evaluation kit for testing will see the immediate benefits of Exmobaby."

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About Exmovere Holdings Inc.

Exmovere Holdings, Inc. is focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, mobility, and security and the practical applications of the study of human emotion. The Chariot, Exmobaby pajamas, and the Telepath wristwatch are instrumental in the build out of this vision as a solid representation of Exmovere's push into enhancing human mobility, infant safety, and telemedicine. The company plans on continuing along a path of solid and emotional driven design with a product offering that changes the way people look at the world. 

The company believes these products will continue to be on the cutting edge and establish paradigm shifts in the markets we serve.  Further inquiries into any of our exciting and innovative product offerings or our plans for go-to-market introductions during 2011 should be directed to the contact person listed below.

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