Suspected Spam King's Dream: A Job at Google

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

The cybercriminal kingpin suspected to be behind the world's biggest spam email botnet reportedly had another goal besides inundating everybody's email inbox — he wanted to work at Google.

The security researcher Brian Krebs reported in his Krebs on Security blog that, following Microsoft's March 16 takedown of the massive Rustock botnet — a network of between 250,000 and 800,000 spam-spewing zombie computers — he began an investigation to help Microsoft track down the botnet's operators.

During his pursuit, Krebs spoke with Russian investigators and Eastern Europe Web hosting resellers and eventually obtained an email address and Web page tied to "Cosma2k," one of the top earners for, "at the time the world's largest rogue online pharmacy network," Krebs said.

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The website attached to Cosma2k, (it has since been disabled), showed a young man labeled in the picture as Sergeev, Dmitri A., and, just above the photo, a mission statement reading, "I want to work in Google."

Krebs said he contacted Google to see if the company's human resources department had received a job application from Sergeev. He has not heard back.