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Continental Prison Systems, Inc. Secures Contract With 2nd Largest U.S. Jail

LAS VEGAS, June 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Continental Prison Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CPSZ), dba EZ Card and Kiosk, the industry leader for taking city and county jails "cashless", lands a 10-year contract with Riker's Island, New York City's mega jail complex.
/ Source: GlobeNewswire

LAS VEGAS, June 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Continental Prison Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CPSZ), dba EZ Card and Kiosk, the industry leader for taking city and county jails "cashless", lands a 10-year contract with Riker's Island, New York City's mega jail complex.

EZ Card and Kiosk announces deployment of four lobby kiosks at Riker's Island New York facility. They reached a ten-year agreement to service the country's 2nd largest jail, a multi-prison complex with over 13,000 beds.

The lobby kiosks will be used to load inmate trust accounts and reduce the jail's liability when accepting cash and processing payments. In addition, the Riker's staff is excited that the kiosk solution will handle all forms of payments, including major credit cards. They won't need to worry about accounting either, as the system keeps track of every transaction.

Ron Hodge, CEO, states, "Riker's is one of the leaders in the corrections space. They've obviously seen the strain in the economy and recognize the opportunity to reduce costs by employing the EZ Card and Kiosk solution. We are honored to partner with them, and glad to relieve the burden of handling payments and accounting."

Riker's Island plans to incorporate additional EZ Card and Kiosk services in the near future. Booking and bail payment kiosks will help reduce liability and expedite the booking and release process of inmates at the burgeoning facility.

Already a leader in saving county jails time and money, EZ Card and Kiosk is now entering the Courts and Probations space.

Hodge says: "Most counties are looking for financial relief and strategies to reduce overhead while increasing productivity and sustaining services. The EZ automated payment solution makes perfect sense for any courthouse or municipality collecting payments and fees."

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About Continental Prison Systems, Inc.

Continental Prison Systems, Inc. (CPSZ), dba EZ Card and Kiosk, is the first kiosk, internet payment and release debit card provider to successfully introduce a full-suite solution for the "Cashless Jail." The company offers innovative solutions to city and county jails designed to streamline and reduce many of the operational and personnel costs required to properly manage a major segment of detention facilities. When offering its proprietary software, teamed with customized kiosk hardware and remote secure website technology, EZ Card and Kiosk creates a system for jails for the booking process of collecting and depositing cash holdings of a new inmate; bail by kiosk or remote website; money load by an inmate's family and friends to make deposits into their trust account by kiosk or remote website; and issuing the inmate's money at the time of their release via the EZ Exit Card, a PIN-based debit card. The kiosks are secure and designed with user-friendly interfaces. The goal is to help convert the jail into a "cashless" environment through the use of kiosks for in-coming cash and the issuance of a debit card to an inmate at the time of his/her release. In doing so, the facility is relieved from repeatedly handling cash, further reducing personnel time and expense, as well as errors and fraud.

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