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CHELMSFORD, Mass., June 6, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kewill (LSE:KWL), a leading provider of solutions that simplify global trade and logistics, today announced the general availability of Kewill Export, a global export document solution for creating, managing and distributing export documentation.  

Kewill Export, the latest offering from the company accelerates the creation and distribution of accurate export documentation speeding the movement of goods and improving customer satisfaction. The product also supports business growth through increased productivity, while mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

"Producing timely and accurate documentation and taking control of AES filing requirements are critical functions that allow businesses to mitigate risks and eliminate unnecessary costs," said Chris Aldrich, global product manager for Kewill Export. "With an extensive library of trade document content and connectivity to major customs agencies, Kewill Export minimizes the need for manual intervention, while integrating with an existing ERP system and business processes."

Kewill Export, a multi-country export document solution, incorporates Kewill's more than 15 years of export experience into a flexible application that seamlessly integrates with global shippers' fulfillment and export processes. Kewill Export also uses modern service-oriented technology to provide a robust platform that is highly configurable to support complex and ever-changing business processes.

"Since the federal government's export initiative, more companies are investing in software to manage their export documentation," said William McNeill Senior Research Analyst with Gartner. "Software can help companies reduce human errors, gain efficiencies by automating the documentation process, and decreasing supply chain risk by increasing compliance."

About Kewill Plc

Kewill delivers solutions that simplify global trade and logistics.

Global businesses face ever increasing complexity across their supply chains including decisions on sourcing, customs, compliance, transportation, storage, finance, visibility and connectivity. Inefficiency in any of these areas will lead to supply chain delays and result in increased costs. Kewill has a suite of software solutions that significantly simplify the management of the most complex global supply chains for enterprises and logistics service providers.

With over 35 years experience in global trade management and logistics, and over 600 employees worldwide, Kewill is a long-time innovator of solutions for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, freight forwarders, transport companies, customs brokers, 3PLs and 4PLs, as well as other related institutions involved in financing and underwriting global trade such as banks and insurance providers.

Kewill's solutions are in daily use by more than 40,000 users worldwide and our global customer base which entrusts us with the management of their supply networks includes divisions of Bayer, Caterpillar, DHL, FedEx, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, H.J. Heinz, Kimberley-Clark, Kraft, Levi Strauss, Mazda, Nestlé, Nike, Palm, Procter & Gamble, Smith & Nephew, Sony, TNT, Unilever, UPS, Vodafone, Yamaha, and Xerox.



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