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Facebook Scam's 'Free' Porn Will Spam Your Contacts

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Cybercriminals, like just about anybody trying to sell just about anything, know that sex sells. With that in mind, scammers are currently preying on the carnal desires of Facebook's male users with the promise of free porn videos.

The scam is spreading via Facebook wall posts that read, "Free Tube Hub — Your Daily Source of Updated Tube Movies," which include a picture of a woman wearing nothing more than a thong, and a link to, researchers at the security vendor Sophos reported.

Like other Facebook scams that use  lust to lure in victims, the link is a setup, and while clicking on it won't infect your computer with any harmful viruses, it will send the spam message to all your contacts.

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Security experts warn users to be skeptical of any unsolicited messages or offers on Facebook, even those that come from your friends.