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Fotobounce(TM) Version 3.5 Face Recognition Leads the Market for Photo Management Applications

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TORONTO, June 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fotobounce is a free software application available for download that makes it easy to - finally - organize that ever-growing folder of digital photos. It automates the tagging process, enabling easy sharing of photos via social media such as Facebook and Flickr. For those who are concerned about privacy, Fotobounce enables users to create private networks of friends and family (called 'Bouncers) where they can share full-resolution photos securely.

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  Jun 7 2011 09:00 AM

Quotes: "The accuracy of face detection is key to making the management and recalling of photos both easy and fun," says Ray Ganong, President of Applied Recognition.
Applied Recognition Inc. announces the release of Fotobounce 3.5, the latest version of the revolutionary photo management application that allows users to manage, store and share digital photographs securely between friends and family. With Fotobounce, users store photographs locally and share them in their original resolution through the Fotobounce private network service, eliminating any concern about the confidentiality of their photos or fear of losing photos and tagging information that come with relying on Internet storage services or social networking sites.

With the latest release, Fotobounce face detection accuracy has now increased by 94% and face scanning speed is more than 50% faster thanks to a partnership with Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition's (PittPatt) and their industry leading face recognition technology.

"One of the key features of photo management software is the ability to recognize faces and to manage photos based on who is in the picture. The accuracy of face detection is key to making the management and recalling of photos both easy and fun," says Ray Ganong, President of Applied Recognition. Ganong goes on to say that "we are pleased to enter into an agreement with PittPatt who is recognized as one of the industry's leading developers of face recognition technology, and we are looking forward to sharing their innovative features with Fotobounce users."

In tests conducted by Applied Recognition using 106 pictures that included 285 faces, Fotobounce outperformed Picasa™ and iPhoto™, two popular photo management tools. In these tests, Fotobounce recognized more faces and had far fewer misidentifications.

Version 3.5 also includes the following new features:

Clustering of unidentified faces, making it easier and faster to tag people in photos.

Ability to post photos to Twitter™. Users can post multiple photos or entire albums to Twitter in a single tweet. The popular Twitter image hosting service TwitPic™ is also supported for posting photos one at a time.

User-requested editing enhancements have been added. Cropping and color modification are two key examples of these improved edit features. Original photos are always preserved and image modifications made by Fotobounce can be undone.

On the performance side, the speed by which photos are moved between private Fotobounce network users improves with each new version.  Support for Eye-FiT wireless camera cards allows users of Eye-Fi cards to send photos directly from their camera to their Fotobounce Fotomail inbox via the Eye-Fi online service. This allows for automated upload of photos without having to remove the SD card or attach the camera to a computer.

Fotobounce's comprehensive list of user-friendly features combined with its state-of-the-art security, sharing and face recognition capabilities makes it the must-have tool to manage family photo collections.

About Fotobounce--Fotobounce is based on patent-pending technology enabling the effective management of digital photography. Developed by Applied Recognition, Inc. and released in 2009, Fotobounce provides efficient and reliable photo organization and enables secure, private sharing of photos. Applied Recognition pushes basic science out of the lab and into exciting consumer software applications. These applications are then distributed free to end-users, ensuring rapid, widespread adoption and exceptional sales and marketing opportunities for advertisers

About PittPatt--Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (PittPatt) develops reliable face recognition software for images and video. Based on more than ten years of research at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, PittPatt's technology finds, tracks, clusters, and identifies faces in videos and photographs. PittPatt's software, delivered as a simple yet flexible software development kit (SDK), is used within U.S. and foreign government agencies to protect people and property and within leading companies to identify actors in movies, create interactive displays, and organize personal photo collections.

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