Los Angeles Warrant Attorneys, Matian and Moaddel, Have Launched a New Website Providing Information About Warrants in California

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LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arrest warrant attorney in Los Angeles, Shawn F. Matian, and his law partner, Daniel Moaddel, have recently launched a new website to provide the general public with information about arrest warrants in California.

With the help of a warrant lawyer in Los Angeles, many warrants can be completely cleared; in other cases, a lawyer can at least help his or her client to reduce the bail required or to avoid sitting in jail while waiting for a trial.

The Law Offices of Matian and Moaddel has provided superior defense for clients with all types of warrant issues. For anyone seeking a warrant lawyer in the greater Los Angeles area, the Law Offices of Matian and Moaddel is there to help. They have a track record of cleared warrants and zero jail time for multiple clients.

The Law Offices of Matian and Moaddel advise anyone with a warrant for their arrest to contact an attorney immediately. With the help of an arrest warrant lawyer, clients will be well-represented in court. In the case of most misdemeanors, clients do not even have to make an appearance in court themselves.

About Shawn F. Matian

Shawn Matian, Esq., is a criminal defense and bench warrant lawyer in Los Angeles. Mr. Matian works with all kinds of criminal charges, including both misdemeanors and felonies. Over the years, he has helped clients charged with DUIs, drug offenses, theft, gang-related crimes, probation violations, and more.

Mr. Matian has gained a reputation within the community for being an excellent and thorough attorney, ready to zealously defend his clients regardless of the circumstances.

About Daniel Moaddel

Daniel Moaddel, Esq., is another excellent bench warrant attorney in Los Angeles, and the law partner of Mr. Matian. Mr. Moaddel works a good deal with complicated immigration matters, such as deportation, asylum, citizenship matters, visa matters, and more. Like Mr. Matian, Mr. Moaddel is a criminal defense lawyer well-versed in warrant law.

To seek help with an arrest warrant, bench warrant, federal warrant, support warrant or citation warrant, contact The Law Offices of Matian and Moaddel at (877) 634-9529, or visit them at their office, located at 145 S. Fairfax Ave., Suite 304 in Los Angeles, CA 90036. You can also visit .

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