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Mass Transit Security: Are We Ready for the Day Before Tomorrow?

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Homeland Security and Defense Business Council today released its 10th monograph as part of it "9/10/11 Project," focusing on the nation's efforts to protect our mass transit systems.

Mass transit has a well-earned reputation for quick and easy means to get from one place to another, with or without the amenities some modes of transportation provide.  Unfortunately, the very regularity and convenience which makes mass transit such a mundanely fundamental part of our everyday lives also makes it an attractive "soft target" for terrorist attack, as has been repeatedly demonstrated overseas.  Comprehensive security efforts such as passenger-screening, bag searching, and the like would inevitably incur a delay at some point in a traveler's routine.  Even the fastest screening technology cannot accommodate a late commuter running to slip through closing metro doors. This evasive balance between security and timing continues to be a focal point in our efforts to support private sector solutions enhancing national security.
"Despite the multiple challenges and somewhat reactive nature of our initiatives in this arena, public transport is here to stay and is a permanent feature in the American lexicon," said Marc Pearl, President & CEO of the Council.  "Given the recent news following the capture and death of bin Laden and the findings surrounding al Qaeda's targeting such systems, our nation must remain as vigilant as ever.  We need to maintain the proper balance between the free flow of commuting and security, allowing for an environment where the public and private sectors continue to work together to create both new 'secure' public mass transportation initiatives, while enhancing existing systems."
On the 10th of each month through September 2011, the Council releases a specific-topic monograph that provides a brief history of our security efforts on the issue, how industry solution providers and the government have worked together, as well as an assessment of the future of that topic.  Each monograph includes a running timeline (interactive on our website) illustrating the events, incidents, and critical government responses pertinent to that month's topic.  For more information on the project, visit . To view this month's monograph visit: .

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