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Spanish Cops Nab Suspected Anonymous Hackers

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Spanish police have arrested three suspected members of the notorious Anonymous hacking group.

The men, detained in Alicante, Barcelona and Almeria, allegedly operated an Anonymous faction that orchestrated online attacks against Spain's Central Electoral Board, Sony's PlayStation Store website and government websites in Egypt, Chile, Colombia, Algeria and Iran, The Register reported.

The suspects' names have not been made public.

The arrests come just as Anonymous launched a high-profile attack on another government website.

Turkey's Telecommunications Communication Presidency website remains inaccessible after Anonymous launched a distributed denial-of-service attack against it last night (June 9) at 6 p.m., CNET reported.

The attack was part of "Operation Turkey," Anonymous' protest against what it believes is the Turkish government's long-standing track record of Internet censorship.

The hacktivist group Anonymous has been behind some of the largest and most crippling cyberattacks of the past year, including ones against Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Sony, the Westboro Baptist Church and government sites in Egypt, Tunisia and New Zealand.