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Auction Site Lets Sellers Choose Their Charges

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., June 14, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "We understand that one business model doesn't work for everyone" shared Ellen Simes, owner of the auction site. "Depending on the product mix, price points, sales cycle, and other factors, some people can maximize their profits by using listing fees while others might do better to pay final value fees. Our goal is to help sellers be successful by letting them make a choice that's best for their business. I believe we are the first auction site to give sellers this type of flexibility and choice."

The auction site offers three types of listings; traditional auctions or fixed price listings both of which are affected by this change and swaps, (sometimes called trades) which are always 100% free; there are no site fees associated with swaps.

Sellers choose their fee system annually to meet their needs. There are three options:

Listing Fees:

  • Fixed price and traditional auction listing fee: $1.00.
  • Listing fees are reduced by 50% for store owners.
  • No final value fees.

Final Value Fees

  • Free to list.
  • If the final value (not including shipping fees) is:
  • 0.01 – $19.99   the fee is $.50
  • $20.00- $49.99 the fee is $1.00
  • $50.00 -$149.99 the fee is $3.00
  • $150.00-$499.99 the fee is $5.00
  • Above $500.00 the fee is $10.00

Optional Store Fees

  • Personal or Master* store $15 per month.
  • Listing fees (if chosen) are reduced by 50% for all Personal and Master store members.
  • Final value fees (if chosen) remain unchanged.
  • If a seller has both a Master and Personal store only one store fee is charged.

                                           *A Master store is a network of individual sellers and/or stores that have a group identity.

The niche auction site which focuses only on shoes and shoe accessories offers a comprehensive menu of buyer and seller features. These include free auto-relisting, 8 free photos per listing, batch edits (apply changes to select or all items), batch discounts (apply percentage discounts to all or select listings), vanity store URLs, best offer, saved searches, listings uploaded to Google Base, track sales data with your Google Analytics code and more.

"We listen to our customers and continually make changes and improvements to the site" said Simes "The response has been very positive, in fact many shoe bloggers not only recommend our site, but sell on it as well. And we invite any seller to try the site free for 120 days (use code TRIAL), see what they think and give us feedback."

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was born out of a mixture of frustration from owning too many shoes and the urge to have more. This online shoe auction site now offers discount designer shoes and other footwear at great prices.

Ellen Simes
If The Shoe Doesn't Fit
Tel: 413-505-9357
Fax: 413-734-8887

Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, connects online shoe sellers and shoppers through an auction site that helps sellers maximize their profits and shoppers find footwear easily and quickly.

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