Sino Fibre Contracts to Sell $25 Million of Biomass Machines

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

HONG KONG, June 15, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sino Fibre Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets:SFBE), announced today that it has signed a sales contract via its Dalian Xinbao Biomass Co., ("DBX") subsidiary for 15 Biomass Machines for US$25 million to Europe.

DXB also signed a sales contract to sell five anaerobic combustion gas generating system machines to Cyprus. The five sets of machines will use (refuse derived fuel) "RDF" produced from the olive oil extraction process and generate power through gas which can handle 12 tons per day per unit producing 264,000 cubic meters of biomass gas.

Through this system of five machines, it can generate 5,000 kw/hour of power at a total annual power generation of 43,800,000 kw, and can replace the use of 26,000 tons per year of standard coal and eliminate the carbon emissions derived thereof.

Further, a Letter of Intent has been executed for ten sets of Biomass Machines ordered from Greece. Each machine is of medium size with a capacity at 2,200 cubic meters of biomass gas per hour.

The 15 sets of anaerobic gas power generation systems can save up to 78,000 tons of standard coal, which is equivalent to the reduction of carbon emissions. Through the utilization of olive residue, a by-product obtained from the olive oil extraction process, it can solve the problem of olive oil residue waste disposal and convert it into renewable energy and thus into power generation. The production capacity of the factory is 100 sets of machines per year, representing a sales value of approximately USD 200 million.

Daniel McKinney, CEO of Sino Fibre, commented; "This sale vindicates the recent acquisition of DBX and the revenue will provide a strong foundation for SFBE. It also demonstrates the execution of our business plan and the cutting edge direction for our biomass energy and business opportunity."

The Company is working towards getting the financials and SEC filings current.

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