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YesDTC Secures North American Rights to Proven Fuel Catalyst Product

/ Source: GlobeNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YesDTC Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:YESD), a direct-to-consumer marketer and global distributor of consumer goods and products, today announced it has secured the North American rights to a unique combustion catalyst and engine conditioner formulation that is proven to increase gasoline mileage in automobiles by more than 16% while significantly reducing tailpipe hydrocarbon emissions. The product, which has been trademarked as MotorBoosterTM, is scheduled for introduction in the North American market place via direct response television later this summer.

MotorBooster(TM) is a proprietary formulation tablet that users simply insert into their gas tank, upon which it dissolves into the fuel to achieve mileage, emissions and enhancement benefits. MotorBooster is protected under U.S. patents and is registered with the EPA. The product is proven safe to use with all types of engines, including gasoline and diesel engines found in cars and trucks. In a recent independent professional dynamometer engine test conducted by a leading NASCAR and Winston Cup development team, engines treated with MotorBooster showed an increased efficiency in fuel combustion, with a more complete burn of the fuel and the virtual elimination of engine deposits. 

Christian Kirsebom, General Manager of YesDTC, Inc., commented, "We are extremely impressed with the results MotorBooster is showing. MotorBooster significantly enhances engine performance after treatment, including improved gas mileage with the potential for motorists to also use lower octane fuels, for meaningful "double prize" cost savings at the pump. In addition to fuel cost savings and mileage increase benefits, which we view as the ultimate crown jewel achievement of any fuel/engine performance enhancer, MotorBooster provides several other key benefits to motorist, their vehicles and the environment alike, not to be overlooked."

A third party independent dynamometer test of MotorBooster showed several highly significant advantages relative to untreated engines, including:

  • an increase in power of 1.9%
  • an improvement in fuel consumption of 16.5%

Likewise, regarding engine emissions, results after use of MotorBooster showed a:

  • 54.4% reduction in carbon monoxide
  • 9.0% drop in carbon dioxide
  • 84.3% decline in hydrocarbons
  • 15.6% decrease in nitrous oxides
  • 24.6% increase in oxygen, which is consistent with an increase in fuel efficiency

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