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Honda Owner Nears One Million Miles

/ Source: Discovery Channel

The average American driver racks up 13,476 miles per year on their odometer. That makes “Million-Mile” Joe, of Norway, Maine, well above average; Joe has accumulated nearly one million miles on his 1990 Honda Accord over the last fifteen years. That works out to be nearly 4,700 miles of driving per month, meaning that Joe drives as much in a season as the average American drives in a year.

A former automotive service technician turned insurance claims adjuster, Joe is meticulous about his car's maintenance, and keeps detailed records of all services performed. He’s got notebooks full of data, and Honda reports that he’s taken nearly 700 pictures of his odometer to document the mileage. If nothing changes, Joe is on schedule to cross the one-million-mile mark this September, and Honda will be documenting his progress on their Facebook page.

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Joe bought his Accord as a six-year-old used car in 1996 with 74,000 miles on it. His obsession with keeping records didn’t start until he crossed the 300,000 mile mark, but it’s safe to assume that Joe followed the car’s maintenance schedule religiously even if he didn’t document it. As remarkable as Joe’s achievement is, it really highlights the fact that manufacturers publish recommended maintenance schedules for a reason; stick to them, and you may have a million mile car in your own garage.