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Facebook scam uses Obama as bait

Image: Facebook phishing example
The come-on that Facebook users might see is one like this, says Sophos.Sophos
/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Facebook scammers are using President Barack Obama as bait in their newest campaign, promising a video showing the president "finally taking charge."

Currently spreading via wall posts, the message reads, "The president is finally taking charge!! Is this really for real?" beside a video of what appears to be a YouTube video of the president, the security firm Sophos reported.

The message also includes a link, which, like nearly every Facebook scam, is where the problem lies. Clicking on the link directs users to a Web page that appears to be Facebook's login screen, but in fact is a site called Fulzebooks.

Entering your email and password will give the criminals behind this scam access to your real Facebook account, and potentially your other online accounts if you happen to use the same password.

If you come across this wall post, ignore it. And in the future, never accept unsolicited invitations on Facebook, and always be wary of shortened links embedded in emails, as they are often used by cybercriminals to deliver dangerous payloads.