Scammers Go Phishing with Fake Microsoft Outlook Warning

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Cybersecurity experts are warning Microsoft Outlook users to be on the lookout for phishing emails hiding dangerous attachments.

Researchers at the security firm Sophos spotted emails that instruct users of the email program to download and open an attachment "to reconfigure your Microsoft Outlook information again."

The subject line is "Notification from Microsoft Outlook — Please read," and the email comes from, which makes it appear legitimate.

The attachment included in the email, however, takes users to a page that prompts them to enter their account username and passwords, information which could then be easily exploited to steal their identity or access their personal online information.

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If you come across unsolicited emails that instruct you to take immediate action to reconfigure an account, ignore them, and never download attachments that appear suspicious.

"Don't make it easy for the phishers, the spammers, the identity thieves and hackers to break into your online accounts," Sophos' Graham Cluley wrote in a blog posting.