Domain Giant Slowed by Denial-of-Service Attacks

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Internet domain name provider Network Solutions is in the process of restoring its servers after being hit by two successive distributed denial-of-service attacks.

After suffering the initial attack yesterday afternoon (June 20), Network Solutions was hit again this morning, the company said in an advisory.

Network Solutions took to its Twitter feed to alert its customers, writing, "Some customers may see interruptions caused by a ddos distributed denial of service attack. Our network folks are working on it."

Network Solutions, which manages more than 7 million domains and more than 350,000 websites, said its engineers are working to "mitigate the attacks," but "unfortunately circumstances like this are beyond our control."

Network Solutions said it will "continue to monitor this situation, as potential risk still exists for these attacks to recur."

Although nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack, its nature suggests that it could be linked to the LulzSec hacking groups new " Operation Anti-Security" campaign.