Professional Diversity Network and Launch First iPhone App for Job Search

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Apps and Professional Online Networking Add Muscle to Job Search for Diverse Professionals

On the Go Technology and Deeper Targeting Trump Traditional Job Search Tools

CHICAGO, June 21, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Continuing to face a disappointing job market, unemployed Americans are turning to the newest technology and apps as the job search tools of choice. Previously overlooked or underutilized, these tools are being adopted by aspiring and savvy professionals who are determined to find the jobs they are qualified for.   

A leader in this emerging arena is the Professional Diversity Network (PDN) and its channels for diverse professionals: for Black professionals, for Hispanic professionals, and the The focal point for PDN is helping highly qualified, out of work professionals to develop and actively utilize skills in professional online networking -- all too often overlooked -- rather than social networking.  

"An increasing number of the best American companies make it a priority to fill their employee pipeline with talented diverse professionals," said Kevin W. McFall, Chief Executive Officer, "These companies are naturally drawn to our online community and talent pool. With the launch of our first app for the iPhone, our members will now have priority access on the go."'s App for the iPhone Offers These Features:

  • Use of or Facebook accounts to login
  • Access to thousands of jobs and daily postings right at your fingertips
  • Search for jobs by keywords, zip code, or job category
  • Ability to apply for jobs within the app
  • Opportunity to stay connected to your professional network
  • Ability to invite people to join your network
  • Ability to keep your profile updated so employers have access to your current status

Career Resources are Completely Free of Charge

Chicago's Professional Diversity Network (PDN) has consistently been seeing double-digit growth. PDN attributes its success to the fact that its ultra-targeted channels offer a level of professional networking that is hard to match on "one size fits all" websites. Its caring niche community offers an affinity of culture and a credo is "Each one Reach One."

In addition to listing more than 100,000 jobs with top companies that value diversity, PDN offers completely free of charge, a wide array of career resources, including resume critiques, caring mentors, personal brand makeovers and more. In recent months PDN has been hiring additional staff to meet the demand for these requests. During member review sessions, an emphasis is placed on how to utilize key words in a resume and the best websites for posting. Kirsch says they will keep hiring in order to ensure a five day turn-around on requests.

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