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QR Code Bands Let You Wear Personal Info on Wrists

NEW YORK CITY – Asking for a stranger's number in a bar may be a thing of the past.
/ Source: TechNewsDaily

NEW YORK CITY – Asking for a stranger's number in a bar may be a thing of the past.

A new company called Skanz launched QR code wrist bands yesterday (June 22) at the Consumer Electronics Week conference in New York City that allow users to share their digital information  — from email and phone contact information to Facebook and Twitter pages, favorite songs, pictures and blog sites  — with a quick flash of a smartphone.

Two-dimensional quick response, or "QR," codes are becoming increasingly embedded into digital and print marketing campaigns, giving consumers access to related digital information on the Web. But now there may be a place for these codes when socializing with others.

When an image of a QR code is captured by a quick-response scanner or mobile phone camera, the user's device is directed to a website, and in Skanz's case, it would be tied to someone’s personal information that is stored on the company's website.

By accessing, users can create and design their personal scan site and add whatever information they want to share. The Skanz site then houses your entire digital life.

The company hopes the bands, which come in a variety of colors, will take off especially among college students and become a fashion statement.

"A college guy may meet a cute girl and instead of swapping information, a quick flash of your QR Code will give them access to all the information they need to stay in touch," a company spokesperson told TechNewsDaily.

The company also aims to launch QR Codes on smartphone covers later this summer, so people who don’t want to wear the bands can still exchange digital information.

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