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Even Hackers Use Terrible Passwords, Hacked Database Proves

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

If you think only an idiot would an easy-to-guess email password like "123456," think again.

In his KrebsOnSecurity blog, researcher Brian Krebs wrote that he'd obtained a database of user names belonging to, a Russian hacker forum that suffered a data breach in June 2010.

Krebs found that 18,000 of the more than 41,000 passwords in the database were "crackable with a few days."

That would be an impressive feat on Krebs' part, but the hackers didn't exactly put up a strong defense.

It turns out that more than 500 of the Antichat users used "123456" as their passwords, while more than 300 used "111111," and nearly 200 used "qwerty," (a password that refers to keyboard layout).

And on the simple, no-frills and ultimately ineffective side, 65 forum members used the one-letter password "o."