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Don’t Watch This Video: Facebook Scam Hacks Accounts

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

"I dare you to watch more than 25 seconds from this video."

Sounds like a challenge, right? Pair the dare with a blurry pic of a naked woman, and there's a good chance one of Facebook's more than 700 million users is bound to let his curiosity get the best of him.

Spotted by the website, the alluring message is currently spreading around the social networking giant, telling recipients, "99% of people can't watch this video more than 25 seconds!!!

The message shows a picture of a naked woman, her body hidden only behind a bubble that asks users to verify they are over 18. Presumably, once they do so, they'll be taken the five-minute YouTube video for the woman doing something explicit, sexual and scandalous.

But as is the case with most similar Facebook scams, there is no sexy video, and entering your age only redirects you to a survey page that generates revenue for the scammers and sends the message out to all your contacts.

If you come across this Facebook scam, ignore it, remove the post from your newsfeed and mark it as spam.