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Report: Americans need their computers ... even on vacation

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Americans are using more computing devices than ever.

In fact, about 63 percent of Americans said they use at least two computing devices — which range from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones — on a weekly basis, with a whopping 15 percent using four or more computing devices per week, according to a report by software provider TeamViewer and Harris Interactive.

About 30 percent of Americans said they are now using more computing devices than in any prior year.

Although this trend is not necessarily surprising, as consumers become even more connected through various computing devices, the report also found that 83 percent of Americans believe it’s necessary to have the freedom to access their computers and devices while they’re away, through remote-desktop access programs.

For example, a whopping 74 percent believe accessing computers remotely — such as computers at home or at work — is necessary on vacation. Meanwhile, about 48 percent think it’s necessary to tap into remote computing devices while in bed and 17 percent believe it would be necessary on a honeymoon. About 11 percent believe it’s necessary on a date.

Single people (61 percent) are more likely than married people to believe someone might want to access their work or home computer while in bed. About 35 percent of single people also believe someone may want to access a remote computer while at a sporting event and 11 percent of single people believe remote access may be necessary at a place of worship.

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