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Dolby Launches 3-D Glasses Just for Kids

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Just in time for Pixar's release of "Cars 2", Dolby has launched 3-D glasses for kids. At $12 a pair, Dolby says its passive glasses are a cheaper alternative to the disposable glasses distributed to movie goers.

And that's good news for parents when seeing a 3-D movie can add as much as $4 to the price of admission, according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

Using the technology and materials of its adult 3-D glasses, the kids' glasses are downsized to fit the smaller head sizes of children, do not require batteries or recharging and are made of tough washable nylon in a hard-to-miss neon green. The glasses also include integrated sensors that help theater owners keep the glasses around for the next show.

Passive glasses have been adopted by several home 3-D TV manufacturers such as LG and Vizio in place of more expensive active-shutter technology glasses from Sony and Samsung.

Those with children preferred passive glasses systems primarily due to the low cost of the glasses, which children are inclined to break, according to a Morpace survey to determine 3-D system preferences. Further, the survey found that respondents prefer the picture quality of the passive system compared to the hi-tech active system that transmits signals to the battery-charged glasses.

Key buying tip: When shopping for a 3D TV, decide whether you want an active or passive system and buy glasses made for the system you choose.

Passive glasses for home use are widely available from around $10 at retail.