Fake IRS Emails Could Hijack Your Bank Account

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Fake emails claiming to be from the IRS are making their way toward your inbox, and, if you're not careful, straight to your bank account.

With subject lines such as, "Federal Tax payment rejected" and "Your IRS payment rejected" crafted to draw users' immediate attention, the scam messages appear to come from the legitimate irs.gov domain, researchers at the security firm Kaspersky Lab noted.

The emails, researchers said, often have spelling and grammatical errors, which could raise a red flag with some recipients. But for those who are scared into following the scam's directions and download the attached PDF, the problems immediately begin.

The PDF is actually a copy of the infamous Zeus Trojan, a piece of malware that specifically targets users' online banking information.

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Researchers warn users to be wary of unsolicited emails appearing to come from the government, and caution to never download attachments on emails that appear suspicious.