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Many Internet Users Unsure of Their Web Reputation

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Is there damaging information about you on the Internet that could hurt your online reputation? About 36 percent of people say they aren't sure, according to a new study conducted by security software company Avira.

Although about 40 percent of people say there isn't any negative information about them on the Internet, the study found that many people are not monitoring the information that’s published about them online.

Meanwhile, about 15 percent of respondents said they were aware of negative information about them on the Internet and said that if they knew how to delete it, they would.

About 4 percent said they erased all information about themselves on the Internet that they considered negative and 6 percent said they were aware of the negative information, but aren't bothered by it.

"This survey highlighted the two main groups of Internet users: those that care about their online reputation and those that don't bother to keep track," said Travis Witteveen, COO Market & Operations from Avira.

“It’s critical to know what information exists about you online because if it's negative it can damage your reputation, and not knowing isn't much of an excuse in this generation of instant information.”

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