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Next for Casey Anthony: Big bucks?

/ Source: NBC, and news services

The verdict on the murder charge was "not guilty," and Casey Anthony likely will soon be a free woman. The question now is, "What's next?"

She could take advantage of interest in the case to make a lot of money, according to People magazine writer Steve Helling.

"We are looking at networks, magazines that may pay; that will lead to books and movies, and (Casey) can make a lot of money off that," Helling told NBC station WESH-TV.

Helling said he doesn't count out the jurors from making serious cash, too, but it won't be near as much as Anthony can fetch if and when she does talk.

But if Anthony decides to talk, Helling said, she will have to be forthcoming with her answers.

"If she doesn't answer the real questions, you are going to see a revolt. (People) want answers. Even though she was acquitted, what does she have to say for herself?" Helling said.

Anthony is likely to be inundated with offers, some with big money attached.

“I would not be surprised, given the notoriety and infamy of the case, if Casey gets $1 million to give a full interview,” California defense attorney and legal analyst David Wohl .

Florida law prohibits a person convicted of a crime from profiting from that crime. But in the Anthony case, she wasn't convicted of murder and so should be free to talk about aspects of her daughter's death, said Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney William Moore, senior partner at Alitowski & Moore.

"She can make all the money she wants," Moore told

Helling said that People will not pay Anthony or her family for an interview because their readers may boycott the magazine.

The boycott already began Tuesday as user Mar4L posted on Twitter, "Start it now. Boycott all books and movies about Casey Anthony. No one should profit from the death of Caylee Anthony."

On Facebook, a page titled " " had more than 700 "Likes" as of Wednesday morning.

Anthony reportedly has already been approached to star in a porn film.

Hours after Tuesday's verdict, Steve Hirsch, co-founder of adult-video producer Vivid Entertainment, called Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, to discuss the possibility of a businessrelationship, .

"Whether you agree with the verd ict or not, Casey will want to move forward with her life and has a right to make a living. It’s not going to be easy for her and we believe we can help her make the transition into a new life," Hirsch told TMZ.

"We’ve all seen the pictures of her partying and having a good time with friends where she definitely looks hot."

Hirsch said he hasn't heard back yet on his offer.

Anthony could be a free woman by the weekend. She was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators, and it's possible that Judge Belvin Perry could sentence her Thursday to time already served for those crimes.

Anthony has been in jail since her October 2008 arrest on first-degree murder charges. She avoided a possible death sentence thanks to her acquittal on the murder count.

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