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'Chupacabra' rears its ugly head

A Texas man spots a strange-looking creature outside his Lake Jackson home and snaps photos of it. Could it be the mythical chupacabra?
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The chupacabra has been an intriguing urban legend for decades, but one man said he spotted something like it and got pictures of it.

Jack Crabtree said he and a friend spotted the strange-looking creature outside his Lake Jackson home on July 4.

"He said, 'That's the strangest dog I've ever seen,'" Crabtree said. "I immediately said, 'That's not a dog, it's a chupacabra.'"

Crabtree said he's heard of the chupacabra as a mysterious creature with a scary look.

The word "chupacabra" means "goat blood sucker" in Spanish. It was given that name for its reported habit of attacking and sucking the blood of livestock, mainly goats.

Crabtree said what he saw was ugly, skinny and gray.

"Most prominent feature was his ears," he said. "I can see why people would conjure up myths and horror stories associated with something that has that appearance."

Crabtree said he and his wife think what he saw was probably just a sick animal.

"It was a coyote, a coyote that has mange," Crabtree said. "An extremely severe case and has lost all its hair."

Crabtree has set up a live trap to try to catch the animal and figure out exactly what it is.

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