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Mobile phone use in the office stirs suspicions
/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Accessing the Web on a mobile device in the office may be harmless, but according to a new study, your co-workers may think you’re trying to hide something.

A new study from business video provider Qumu found that three out of four people (74 percent) believe that those using mobile devices at the workplace are more likely to access sites they normally wouldn't on a work computer.

About 52 percent believe mobile devices have been used at work to look for a new job and a whopping 47 percent assume some have watched pornography.

Additional activities people assume are taking place on mobile devices at work include looking for a side job (46 percent) and researching embarrassing illnesses or conditions (37 percent).

Although 37 percent believe hiding mobile device use in the office is not necessary, about 63 percent of people have caught people sneaking a peak during meetings. About 47 percent of respondents have caught people hiding their mobile device under the table and 42 percent assume people have excused themselves to go to the bathroom to take a look.

Overall, however, the majority (61 percent) of online Americans agree that companies should allow employees to use whatever mobile device they choose for work-related tasks, such as reading email and viewing company videos.

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