No Joke: Jay Leno Named Most Dangerous Celeb on Web

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

How's this for a punch line: Jay Leno is now the most dangerous man on the Internet.

"The Tonight Show" TV titan has earned the illustrious title of the most spammed-about celebrity on the Web, according to the security firm BitDefender.

Out of 25 million spam messages analyzed, Leno was mentioned in the subject line of 38,000 of them, often with an enticing message such as "Jay Leno found taking drugs."

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In the race for the spam king crown, Leno edged out some serious contenders, including Madonna, President Obama, rock legends AC/DC and Cameron Diaz, who wore the 2010 crown in a similar poll conducted by McAfee.

Rounding out the mostly male list of the top 10 celebrities used by spammers are Stephen King, George Lucas, country music star Kenny Chesney, Howard Stern and 50 Cent.

Celebrities that just missed this year's cut include Tiger Woods, Miley Cyrus (no stranger to cyberscams herself), Meryl Streep and the always-modest Kanye West.

"Interestingly, other celebrities previously used frequently in spamming attacks such as Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie are now missing from current criminal campaigns," BitDefender wrote in a press release.