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So this guy and a goat walk into a Genius Bar ...

A comedian tested the tolerance limits of AppleStore employees and found few, even when he had a pizza delivered and went shopping with a pet goat.
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Since opening its first retail store a decade ago, Apple has cultivated a reputation for excellent, if not obsequious, customer service.

Shoppers are greeted at the door by employees who instantly book an appointment at the "Genius Bar"  to resolve whatever issues (let's not say problems) you might have with your iPad or other device. Many stores feature a creative "studio" for help with artistic projects. Wired cashiers instantly send receipts to customers by e-mail.

The stores, now numbering some 300 around the world, are so popular they have even inspired several fake Apple Stores in China that were recently discovered and are being shut down by authorities.

So perhaps it is no surprise that one enterprising comedian and writer decided to test the limits of Apple's famously accommodating store employees through a series of increasingly demanding — and hilarious tests.

The comedian, Mark Malkoff, spent time in several New York Apple stores where he tried to have a pizza delivered, enjoy a romantic moment with his wife, get help while dressed as Darth Vader and shop with a pet goat.

Did Apple store workers object? Watch the video and see.

(Thanks to TECHi for finding.)