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Cutting-Edge NASA iPad App Brings Science to Life

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

NASA isn't just about space shuttles and rocket missions. The space agency also captures rich data from satellites and turns it into cutting-edge visualizations to help researchers better understand the universe.

Now, the information and images NASA beams down from space are now available for iPad users through the free NASA Visualization Explorer app via the Apple iTunes App store.

With high-resolution videos, stunning stills and short written stories to put everything in context, the app is displayed like a mobile multimedia magazine. New science features will be added each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, NASA said.

The concept is a smart one for NASA, which packages dynamic data into a simple, user-friendly format for science fans of all ages.

The app also includes video interviews with scientists and imagery from supercomputer modeling efforts.

However, the biggest drawback is viewing the instruction pages, which can cause a low-memory situation that can make the app unresponsive. If this occurs, users are encouraged to quit and relaunch the app. NASA is well aware of the issue and posted a note on the download page that it’s working to correct it.

The app also includes social networking interfaces such as links to Facebook and Twitter to share stories with others.

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