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Lost's last resort! Scottish hamlet changes name

A tiny Scottish village called Lost is to change its name because souvenir hunters keep stealing its road signs.
/ Source: news services

Lost: several road signs and one village’s identity.

Exasperated at having souvenir hunters steal their road sign, residents of Lost — population, less than two dozen — have changed the Scottish hamlet’s name to Lost Farm.

At least five road signs have disappeared in recent years from the village. The longest any sign lasted was three months, and one vanished after a day, said Mark Skilling, principal engineer for Aberdeenshire Council.

“Many people want to have their photograph taken by it looking bewildered, and every so often it gets taken,” said local councillor Bruce Luffman added.

As well as the cost -- about $200 each -- people in the hamlet were fed up with the confusion caused by having no signs, Luffman added.

“Deliveries get lost because they’ve got no idea where ’Lost’ is, and it’s very confusing,” he said.