Foursquare Adds 'Lists' to Show Where You Want to Go

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

A new feature in Foursquare, called "Lists," potentially changes the entire focus of the location-based service. Instead of just showing where you are and where you've been, Foursquare can also show others where you want to go.

The Lists feature lets users catalog places however they like. One of the most common suggestions is to create a list of places you want to visit anywhere in the world. Lists can be shared with other Foursquare users. Other ideas include creating crowd-sourced directories that would help other people. For instance, a list of all the public bathrooms in a major city, or a list of Italian restaurants for those who love Italian food, or a list of music venues for those wanting to discover new bands.

Foursquare Lists can even be used to plan trips, mapping out all the places you want to visit and in what order. Then you can easily share the itinerary with friends and family.

Foursquare is still retaining its primary function, that of "checking in" to locations and sharing location data and history with friends. Lists can be used to catalog any kind of location, including places the user has already been.