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Facebook Releases Official Security Guide

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Facebook has released its first official security guide, a long overdue handbook to help the social media giant's half-billion fans understand, recognize and avoid the multitude of scams they face every day.

With headers such as "Avoiding malicious script scam," "Avoiding Facebook account thieves," and "Avoiding gaming scams," the 14-page " Own Your Space " guide is full of not just suggestions, but detailed directions on how best to navigate Facebook without falling through any number of dangerous holes — or getting hit by its speeding cars.

"Just as a city paints sidewalks, and pedestrians look both ways before crossing the street, security on Facebook is a responsibility shared between Facebook and the people who use its platform," the guide, " Own Your Space " reads.

If the street-crossing reference seems childish, don't be fooled: "Own Your Space," although it may ostensibly be for young adults, parents and teachers, is for anyone with a Facebook account.

The instructions, including what strong passwords and fake login screens look like, how to identify and avoid clickjacking scams, how to use social authentication and how to report and block impostors, are advice everyone needs to heed, especially as Facebook criminals look for new and more devious ways to carry out their misdeeds.

"Own Your Space" is written in easy-to-understand, nontechnical language, and will hopefully stem the flow of scams that, unfortunately, continue to trick Facebookers every day into unintentionally giving attackers access to their accounts.