Google to include Amazon forest on Street View

/ Source: The Associated Press

Google says it will soon make available images of the Amazon rain forest on its Street View mapping service.

Spokesman Fabio Sabba says Google began taking photographs of Amazon rivers and trails in a partnership with a local environmental group called Fundacao Amazonia Sustentavel.

Sabba said Monday Google is expected to conclude the image-taking process in about three weeks. It will then continue to expand the service's reach in the area with the help of Fundacao Amazonia Sustentavel and local residents.

There is no timetable for the Amazon images to become available to the public.

Street View made its debut in Brazil late last year. It provides 360-degree images which users can view by zooming in on any point on a map.

Meanwhile, Israel has given Google a green light to photograph its streets after an agreement in which Google has promised that Street View would not aide terrorists planning attacks on sensitive sites.