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Shariah court in Nigeria: Cut off their right hands

/ Source: The Associated Press

A Shariah court in northern Nigeria has ordered that two men have their right hands amputated for stealing a farmer's bull.

The decision by the Shariah court in Zamfara state came Friday. In the Judge Muhammadu Abubakar's ruling, the court will carry out the sentence against 23-year-old Auwalu Abubakar Tsaure and 22-year-old Lawalli Musa Tsaure on Oct. 8 during a market day for the public to witness.

The court estimated the cost of the bull at more than $800. The 23-year-old said he would appeal the sentence, while the younger man said he wouldn't.

Nigeria, home to 150 million people, is largely divided between a Christian south and Muslim north. About a dozen northern states have a version of Shariah law in place, though harsh sentences are rarely carried out.