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Anti-Israeli Hackers Accidentally Attack Palestinian Sites

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

A group of Turkish hackers that set out to voice its anti-Israeli political viewpoint by defacing Israeli websites accidentally attacked Palestinian sites instead.

The cartoon image used in the defacements showed an Israeli soldier washing blood off his hands. It criticized the Israeli government for refusing to apologize for the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, during which nine Turkish citizens were killed, the Israeli news site Ynetnews reported.

"You will apologize Netanyahu, you will apologize Israel," the message written in Turkish said, referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Other parts used salty English expressions.)

The hackers' only mistake was that they plastered the propaganda picture on 70 Palestinian websites, not Israeli ones. They made the mistake, Ynetnews said, because the sites they accidentally defaced were located on Israeli Web servers, although they ended in Palestine's .ps country domain name.

Though this incident shows the Turkish cyberprotesters in a less-than-perfect light, it does show the group taking a stand against what it perceives as a gross social injustice.

This is in contrast to another group of Turkish hackers, TurkGuvenligi, which has exploited several websites as a joke, including those of Interpol, Coca-Cola and HSBC, absent of any political motive.