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Adobe to release emergency update to patch Flash flaws

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Adobe is releasing a security update Wednesday to fix critical flaws in its Flash Player program that are being exploited in online attacks.

The bugs include a cross-site scripting vulnerability that leaves Flash open to malicious script injections, and is currently being exploited "in the wild in targeted attacks," Adobe wrote on its Product Security Incident Response Team blog.

Because Flash is such a popular and widely used program, and a favorite attack vector for cyber criminals, it's important to download the security update once it's released today. (Adobe did not say what time the update will be released.)

This critical patch comes just over a week after Adobe fixed several dangerous flaws in its Reader and Acrobat programs.

To lower the risk of becoming a cyber crime victim, make sure you run up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer to help detect and eliminate potential threats.