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Facebook Tunes in New Social Internet Radio Service

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Facebook members will have the chance to listen and chat about music in real-time with their friends via virtual listening rooms through a new social Internet radio service.

Facebook will be offering a new app from Myxer Social Radio to bring friends together through music as they listen at the same time in rooms they create or that are created by their friends, with music choices enhanced by Myxer’s recommendations.

After downloading the free app on Facebook once it hits the site later this year, users can log in and see which friends are also using the service. Similar to Pandora’s streaming service, people can join different listening rooms or channels based on musical artists, such as Lady Gaga or U2.

However, Myxer — which has an existing mobile music service that includes 49 million users — takes it a social step further by allowing anyone in the room the opportunity to chat about the song and even record a "Song Story," a 30-second video where someone can explain what the song means to them.

"We see this as an opportunity to bring people together through music and enhance the experience of music through social content," Myxer’s CEO Myk Willis told TechNewsDaily. "No matter where your friends may be, the app can bring people and music together. By adding social context to music with features such as Song Stories, it’s like hearing songs for the first time through someone else's ears."

People can also vote on whether or not they like the song that’s playing in the listening room. If the majority rules and people want to hear a new song, Myxer will play another one.

"This is more about strengthening social connections with real friends than a tool that will be used to meet new people," Willis said. “Digital natives enjoy interacting with their friends and this gives them another way to connect as they listen to music.”

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