Anonymous Warns of 'Day of Vengeance' Saturday

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

A manifesto posted online says the "hacktivist" group Anonymous will hold a "Day of Vengence" (sic) this Saturday (Sept. 24), a coordinated, multistate protest that will include cyberattacks against Wall Street and the New York Police Department.

The letter appeared on Pastebin last night (Sept. 21), announcing that Saturday's protests and cyberattacks will target not only Wall Street and the NYPD, but several targets including so-called "Corrupt Banking Institutions."

It did not say in which cities the physical protests will take place, but the main thrust behind the "day of vengeance" concerns recent demonstrations on Wall Street that, according to the letter, highlighted a serious injustice on the part of the NYPD.

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"On September 17, 2011 approximately 15,000 peaceful demonstrators in dozens of cities around the USA gathered, marched - and occupied public space to protest the unjust policies of the US government and the corruption in our financial institutions," the letter writer said.

"The central protest site was in the financial district of New York City, where peaceful protesters faced phalanxes of heavily armed paramilitary police officers from local and federal jurisdictions. The arrests began almost immediately, many for violating the 1845 so called 'mask' laws."

(Anonymous' calling card is the Guy Fawkes mask worn in the movie "V for Vendetta," since adopted by Anonymous as a logo and often worn during protests.)

The manifesto proclaimed that the demonstrations on Wall Street had been "a peaceful occupation of public space," but that the NYPD continued to arrest protestors and on Sept. 20 began confiscating the media equipment used by independent journalists covering the story.

"Anonymous & the other cyber liberation groups around the world together with all the freedom loving people in the USA will NOT stand for this," Anonymous wrote. "We will peacefully yet forcefully resist the abuses of the NYC Police Department. And so Anonymous announces a nationwide 'Day Of Vengence' to take place in dozens of cities across the USA on Saturday - September 24, 2011 at High Noon."

While Anonymous members and supporters take the offensive this coming weekend, the group and its affiliates face more legal action for high-profile hacks. Today (Sept. 22), FBI agents in San Francisco and Phoenix apparently arrested two alleged members of the Anonymous and LulzSec hacking groups.

Cody Kretsinger, a 23-year-old from Phoenix who goes by the screen name "Recursion," was charged with conspiracy and the unauthorized impairment of a protected computer; he is believed to have been involved in LulzSec's hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment (not to be confused with the much larger intrusion into Sony's PlayStation Network), Fox News reported.

The San Francisco arrest netted an alleged member of Anonymous believed to have carried out cyberattacks against Santa Cruz County government websites, Fox News wrote.