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Meet the Press links — Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Benjamin Netanyahu | Bio
Israeli Prime Minister

Michael Bloomberg | Bio
Mayor, New York City

William Bennett | Bio
Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Donna Shalala | Bio
Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

Tavis Smiley | Bio

Tim Shriver | Bio
CEO, Special Olympics

Under fire from Republican presidential candidates over his policy towards Israel, President Obama this week delivered a statement of support for America’s strongest ally in the region after the Palestinians made a bid for official recognition by the United Nations.  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will join us exclusively. We’ll get his take on the peace process, where it can go from here, and how he sees Israel’s unique relationship with the United States.

The debate on taxes take a turn as accusations of class warfare dominate the political discussion. Meanwhile, Wall Street has another volatile week and still no signs of a recovering job market.  We’ll be joined exclusively by New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I). As part of NBC’s commitment to Education Nation, we’ll talk to the mayor about the link between reforming our education system and remaining competitive in the global economy.

Our roundtable: The Education Nation discussion continues. Plus, the very latest on the race for the White House in 2012. Joining us:  Former Secretary of Education, William Bennett; former Secretary of Health and Human Services and current president of the University of Miami, Donna Shalala;   PBS’s Tavis Smiley; and the CEO of the Special Olympics, Tim Shriver.


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