New Disney Toys Bring iPads to Life

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Disney is blending physical toys and technology with a new gaming line called Disney Appmates that works on the iPad.

The first version of Disney Appmates – which uses the iPad as a virtual play mat – will incorporate characters from the Disney/Pixar film Cars 2. The Appmates toy line features miniature vehicles with sensors on the base of each toy that allow it to interact with visuals on the iPad.

For example, placing a Cars toy character on the screen and turning it in any direction uncovers new landscapes, allow kids to drive through mud and visit friends. There is also a game-play function that gives users the opportunity to perform missions to collect virtual currency, so they can personalize each car with features such as a rocket launcher and spy vision. Players can also race around five virtual racetracks.

Starting October 1, cars will be available in packs of two for $20 and each will unlock different game content and features specific to the character. The toys will be sold at national retailers, Apple Store, Apple Store online, Disney Store and

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