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Man stuck in woodchipper phones partner

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A New Zealand man who thought he was about to die after getting stuck in a woodchipping machine's conveyor belt called his partner to say goodbye, local media reported.

"He said 'I'm f*****, I'm f*****, I'm sorry and I love you,'"  his friend and mother of his three children told The Press of New Zealand on Tuesday.

The garden waste recyling worker survived the ordeal when the conveyor system jammed after his arm was lodged in it. He was trapped for nearly two hours before emergency crews arrived, the Press reported.

He was airlifted to a Christchurch hospital, where his arm was had to be removed below the elbow. The man refused to provide his name.

The accident began when he tripped and put his arm out to stop himself. He told his partner that he thought he had no chance of surviving so he picked up the telephone and called her, before dialing 1-1-1, New Zealand's equivalent of the 9-1-1 emergency dispatch service.