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Anonymous Threatens to 'Erase' New York Stock Exchange from Internet

UPDATE: This story has been updated with a possible denial posted on Anonymous' behalf.
/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

UPDATE: This story has been updated with a possible denial posted on Anonymous' behalf.

Fittingly for a group not known to shy away from a public political stance, a video speaking for the hacking group Anonymous has vowed to "erase" the New York Stock Exchange from the Internet on Monday, Oct. 10.

The call to arms follows hundreds of arrests and some police pepper-spraying of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, now in their third week of protests in New York City.

While the protesters maintain their physical presence, the video claims that Anonymous is planning to use its digital skills to make sure the marchers' anti-greed message is felt online.

In a YouTube video titled "Operation Invade Wall Street," a computerized voice accuses Wall Street's financial institutions of abusing their power and says the government is bailing them out at the expense of the working class.

"We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life. We the people shall stand against the government's inaction," the video says. "We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill-gotten profits. We will not labor for your leisure. We will not assist you in any way. This is why we choose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange."

"On Oct. 10, NYSE shall be erased from the Internet," the video says. "On Oct. 10, expect a day that shall never, ever be forgot."

The video did not specify how it would "erase" the stock exchange from the Internet, but displayed on the YouTube video are directions to download a software tool, called a Low-Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) that allows people to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against the stock exchange's website.

After the initial YouTube video was released, a message claiming to be from Anonymous appeared on Pastebin, calling out whoever made the video as an imitator and denying the planned cyberattacks on the NYSE.

The message called Operation Invade Wall Street a fake operation set up "by law enforcement and cyber crime agencies in order to get you to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement." The message says the real Anonymous would "never tell you to use LOIC — not after the arrests and failures of Operation Payback."

"Anonymous wouldn't attack NYSE on a HOLIDAY — it is debatable if Anonymous would ever even attack NYSE," the message reads.

Anyone thinking of joining the call to arms might want to consider a few facts first. Taking down the NYSE website will not affect the stock market at all; the tool that the video recommends lets the targeted site easily identify its attackers; anyone, including the authorities, could have put up the YouTube video; and lastly, DDoS attacks are completely illegal and there's a good chance you'll be caught.