Miley Cyrus Sexy Photo Hacker Avoids Hard Time

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

The man who broke into pop star Miley Cyrus' online accounts and posted naughty pictures of her on the Web won't be going to prison after all.

Josh Holly, 22, was sentenced to three years' probation yesterday (Oct. 31) by federal judge Aleta A. Trauger in Nashville, Tenn. He'd pleaded guilty to possessing stolen credit-card numbers and spamming on MySpace.

Holly, of nearby Murfreesboro, Tenn., admitted to police in 2008 that he'd broken into the then-underage singer's MySpace page during the previous year, and then gained access to her Gmail account.

Holly said he'd social-engineered a MySpace administrator into giving him access to password records, and then found that Cyrus' MySpace password also worked on her Gmail account. He found and posted pictures the coquettish teen had taken of herself in her underwear and in the shower.

His house was searched for evidence in the Cyrus case, but Holly was not arrested.

Two years later, Holly was arrested the day before New Year's Eve on the credit-card and spam charges, and spent the holiday weekend in jail.

While awaiting sentencing this past summer, Holly allegedly violated a court order against going online and posted to his Facebook page.

"I'm having these strong urges to start playing around and hacking s*** again, there's so much new stuff on the net," he wrote, according to court documents. "I can't stop these urges. Am I a bad person?"

Holly faced a maximum of 13 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. His defense lawyer argued for probation on the grounds that Holly, slight of build and five-foot-six, was not ready to do hard time.