Europe and America need to work together against terror

According to an Arab newspaper in Britain, al Qaeda has taken responsibility for Thursday's series of train attacks in Madrid, Spain that killed almost 200 and injured 1,200 more in 13 separate and near simultaneous explosions.  In that same letter they claim that a strike against America is “now at its final stage 90 percent ready.”

Al Qaeda clearly has tentacles in countries all over the world, tentacles all connected to one evil head.  The good guys often seem to be fighting as independent entities, just tentacles with no head.  Many Europeans foolishly blame the U.S. for the terror attacks in Europe, and many here at home still resentful of some Europeans for their reluctance to fight Iraq.   But when it comes to this war we need to put those differences aside.  While we certainly can‘t share all of our intelligence with our allies, we have to remember we‘re all targets. 

Many of the attacks are interconnected, some of the same people in charge.  Assuming this was the work of a Qaeda that would mean almost 1,600 people, including 29 Americans have died in attacks linked to al Qaeda since 9/11.  Europeans should have appreciated that 9/11 was an attack on them too,  just as we must view this latest bombing as an attack on us.  Without cooperation, we give al Qaeda an unnecessary advantage. 

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