Mom, 2 others killed picking up daughter's birthday cake

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What should have been a quick trip to pick up a 2-year-old's birthday cake turned into a triple murder over the weekend, when gunfire tore through three people inside a vehicle outside a Chicago bakery, reports say.

A 17-year-old boy was later arrested but has not yet been charged, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Witnesses said the bullets came from a car that drove past the bakery.

Chanda Thompson, 21, was picking up the cake for her daughter when she and friend Cortez Champion, 21, were gunned down Saturday afternoon. A man described as Thompson's boyfriend, but whose name was being withheld, was also killed.

"She was working, going to school and raising a 2-year-old," the Sun-Times quoted her brother Joshua Thompson as saying. "I don’t understand why this happened ... I know those bullets weren't intended for her."

"People are always getting shot or robbed in this neighborhood," an employee at a fast-food restaurant next to the bakery told the Sun-Times. "I cried all night. No sleep. And today I was paranoid, thinking one of the customers could be the gunman."